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The statistical information may have changed since this campaign. For more updated information from Irish studies, you can read the PRIME study.

The slides used in the video are reproduced below.

When this campaign launched, 15% of the Irish population reported they lived with chronic pain.

“Empty your blood vessels and refill them with lighter fluid. Now light them on fire and keep them lit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

– Chronic Pain Ireland Member

400,000 Irish people physically suffering everyday 

“…feels like I am being stabbed with a thick jagged knife”

– Chronic Pain Ireland Member

These people have to wait an average of two years for diagnosis or treatment.


don’t think their pain is being adequately managed


have endured chronic pain for more than 5 years


of sufferers think others doubt the existence of their pain

Can You Feel My Pain is a Europe-wide campaign that aimed to:

    • raise awareness of the burden of chronic pain
    • give a voice to those living with debilitating pain
    • campaign for the government and health systems to recognise the problem of unresolved pain

Chronic pain is estimated to cost the Irish economy as much as 2.5 billion euro per annum.

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