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“Some years ago, I came across Chronic Pain Ireland and decided to become a member. Throughout my time with Chronic Pain Ireland, I had many opportunities to learn, attend events, take part in research, meet others and knew I could contact the helpline. Thanks to these services, I am now in a position to successfully manage my pain. I am very grateful to CPI for their help, support and direction over the years and I recommend their services in the highest terms.”

– L Sweeney

Chronic Pain Ireland provides information and support services and advocates within the wider community. It was founded in 1992 by a Pain Consultant and patients to be an educational and advocacy partner to all affected by chronic pain. Our aim is to provide understanding, education and support to people with Chronic Pain on their clinical health journey, and in their development as individuals.

On the individual level, we provide self-management workshops, a variety of support services and community networking opportunities.

On a national level, we work with leading Irish and European organisations to raise awareness of Chronic Pain. We continue to advocate and build awareness of the essential services for people with chronic pain through nationwide events, campaigns and initiatives.

By joining our community you give Chronic Pain Ireland a stronger voice. A strong membership base will enable us to increase our lobbying power in raising awareness of the condition, encourage the reform of education while highlighting the lack of resources and the need for multi-disciplined pain management services throughout the country.


Membership Benefits

    • Chronic Pain Ireland Helpline
    • Monthly Self-management Workshops
    • Access to 5-week online self-management courses
    • Monthly Chronic Pain & Mental Health Support Group
    • Monthly peer-to-peer community networking meetings
    • Monthly online social meeting over coffee with fellow members
    • Participation and help drive research with University partners
    • Monthly e-newsletter
    • Public Awareness Meetings
    • Vote at AGM and opportunity to sit on Board of Trustees
    • Gift of Chronic Pain Ireland’s “I have chronic pain” hidden disabilities sunflower lanyard

Public Awareness Meetings

These meetings are organised nationwide with the purpose of creating awareness of chronic pain. They also give people the opportunity to meet others living with chronic pain and are delivered by a variety of healthcare professionals with a specific interest in chronic pain

Member Meetings

Members Meetings are exclusive to our members. They afford our members the opportunity to interact in a safe space and tell us about the many topics and issues confronting them so that we can better advocate on their behalf.


Chronic Pain Ireland has for many years been running workshops on self-management techniques. The workshops are undoubtedly the most important aspect of our work. They afford people the opportunity to learn skills that can help them to regain control over their lives thereby improving their health and wellbeing. Enabling peer-to-peer support, whilst gaining a deeper understanding of chronic pain.

The workshops have a maximum of 15 participants in an informal setting. These self-management techniques are key in assisting people to cope more effectively with their condition.

Chronic Pain And Mental Health Support Group

Facilitated by a Psychotherapist who themselves has a lived experience of life with chronic pain, this anonymous members-only group is a safe space to share and gain support.

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower

As part of our 30th Anniversary celebrations in 2022, Chronic Pain Ireland launched the Hidden Disability Sunflower lanyard for chronic pain. An initiative that aims to raise awareness of those living with chronic pain and non-visible disabilities.
All members are gifted with a chronic pain sunflower lanyard, which can be worn in public to discreetly indicate to others that the wearer has a hidden disability and may require additional support.

“Our aim for the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower initiative is to create greater awareness of chronic pain. With the sunflower lanyards, we want to make chronic pain visible and encourage conversation, empathy and understanding of the challenges faced by those living with a non-visible disability.”

– Martina Phelan, Chair of Chronic Pain Ireland

“We are delighted that CPI has joined the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Network. Living with chronic pain is immensely difficult, and by choosing to wear the sunflower, it lets people know that the wearer has an invisible disability and may need more time, kindness and understanding. Working together with a joint aim to increase awareness of non-visible disabilities helps us reach a wider audience at the same time as supporting members.”

– Tristan Casson-Rennie, Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Regional Director for Ireland

On joining Chronic Pain Ireland you are consenting that your personal data can be stored and used to communicate regarding membership services and to inform regarding any upcoming services and opportunities of interest. Data is not shared with third parties.

Unfortunately chronic pain is still viewed by many in the general public as a symptom and the concept of persistent chronic pain is still approached by some with a degree of skepticism. This has led to those living with persistent pain to feel isolated and stigmatised. In joining Chronic Pain Ireland we believe you, we listen and by becoming a part of our community you’ll find peer to peer support with no stigma or injustice.

We aim to assist you in showing the unseen effects that this condition has on every aspect of a person’s life while informing you of the treatments and options available to manage your condition.

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