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Chronic Pain Ireland is a patient support organisation originally founded by a Consultant in Pain Medicine and a small group of his patients, with a view to providing the peer-to-peer support and education necessary to those living with chronic pain.

Chronic pain is a complex disease. It can be difficult to explain, diagnose and treat. Oftentimes, patients are bounced from doctor to doctor for years before they have an answer for their pain.

By becoming more knowledgeable about your condition, you regain control and put you back in charge.

Chronic pain information and support

Our principal aim is to provide information and support to those living with chronic pain and their support network; their families, loved ones and carers.

Pain can be difficult to explain, but understanding chronic pain is essential to its treatment. It is very important that you know your pain and how it affects you when talking with your healthcare professional.

Chronic Pain Ireland workshops and public events are designed to help you regain control of your condition. Our self management workshops provide you with the tools to self-manage and better understand your condition.

You can access further knowledge and guidance on chronic pain in our Information Hub and Media Library.

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Chronic Pain Ireland campaigns

In our position as a Patient Voice, we advocate for our members and their needs within the medical profession in Ireland and society at large.

Since 1992, we have organised many public awareness campaigns for greater education and understanding of the condition, as well as patient forums with medical professionals and chronic pain experts from Ireland, Europe and all over the world.

Chronic Pain Ireland is a member of the Neurological Alliance of Ireland, Pain Alliance Europe and World Patients Alliance.

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Become a member of Chronic Pain Ireland

As a member of Chronic Pain Ireland, you will build connection, support and a shared understanding of chronic pain as you navigate diagnosis, treatment and other services. Learn more about the benefits of becoming a member of Chronic Pain Ireland.

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Call the Chronic Pain Ireland helpline

The impact of chronic pain on the quality of a person’s life and their mental wellbeing can be immense. It is very important that you get the support you need. We have a helpline that anyone can call on 01 8047567.

Here are more details on how to contact us.

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