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Play a valuable part in Chronic Pain Ireland’s mission to create a greater understanding and awareness of those living with chronic pain in Ireland.

Our aim is to support, guide, educate and advocate for anyone living with the condition and their support network.

Chronic Pain Ireland receives a small amount of revenue from our members, donors, supporters and grant providers. It is through this generosity that Chronic Pain Ireland can continue to pursue its mission to be a unifying voice, whilst advocating for the needs of people living with chronic pain within the healthcare system and the wider community.

The mutual benefits of volunteering

The volunteer expertise you would bring to our organisation could include HR support, graphic design, board membership, IT skills, accountancy, clinical expertise – the list is endless!

As a Volunteer with Chronic Pain Ireland, you can expect:

    • to be involved in very meaningful work
    • to be treated as part of a team
    • an induction designed to set you up for success, giving you the best opportunity to undertake your role effectively
    • appropriate training and supports relevant to your role
    • safe working conditions, including insurance cover
    • to have your contribution recognised and appreciated as a valuable resource in achieving our strategic objectives as an organisation

Chronic Pain Ireland is committed to supporting and developing volunteers. Volunteers are supported in different ways across projects, through briefing and debriefing sessions, volunteer link-in meetings and through volunteer team meetings. This enables us to support you effectively in your role and it gives you the opportunity to feed back too.

As a volunteer, you can expand your personal and professional development through:

    • Meeting new people and being part of a team with a common purpose
    • Gaining valuable experience, whilst developing valuable interpersonal skills
    • Building and expanding your network and contacts
    • Making a positive contribution to others and society as whole

For more information, please contact us. We’d be thrilled to hear from you.

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