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Neuropathic pain affects an estimated 120,000 people in Ireland.

More than a third of neuropathic pain patients say the condition is a source of great physical suffering. The voices of five people influenced three films sharing one crucial theme…neuropathic pain. The three films are named ‘Keeping The Beast At Bay’, ‘Heat’ and ‘The Knife’. The Irish director Jim Sheridan backed this national competition and campaign. The winners chosen had their stories developed and produced by award-winning Irish film production company, Antidote.

This campaign was a collaboration between Chronic Pain Ireland and Pfizer Healthcare Ireland.

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Keeping The Beast At Bay

“These symptoms weren’t in my head and there was an underlying cause for me to be feeling like this.” – Eimear


“Chronic pain does not have a face. To others, I look normal. But this is not how I feel.” – Yann

The Knife

“Because of my condition, I have more or less become a recluse. Not having someone else to talk to for even half an hour during the day – another person around – is really hard.” – Annette

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