Corporate Governance

Chronic Pain Ireland (CPI) is committed to good corporate governance, high ethical standard and the principles of transparency and accountability. We know that people, including our members, donors and the public, place their trust and faith in us and we strive to ensure we never let them down.

Corporate Governance refers to the processes by which organisations are directed, controlled and held to account. Chronic Pain Ireland adheres to the principles of good corporate governance and is signed up to which is a guarantee we adhere to the principles of good corporate governance.  To view our signed governance code click here

The sector has since evolved and during late 2018  CPI welcomed the publication of the Charity Regulators new Code of Governance. During 2019 the Regulator provided a suite of guidance to assist charities to meet the incoming core standards as outlined in the code and charities were expected to commence reporting on compliance during 2020.  The Covid-19 pandemic significantly impacted resources and as a result Chronic Pain Ireland worked towards full compliance throughout 2021.

Chronic Pain Ireland (CPI) is committed to good corporate governance, high ethical standard and the principles of transparency and accountability. We know that people, including our members, donors and the public, place their trust and faith in us and we strive to ensure we never let them down.

In November 2017 CPI was delighted to be shortlisted by the Carmichael Centre for the Good Governance Awards and came joint second in our category.   The Good Governance Awards is an initiative that recognises and encourages adherence to good governance practice by Community, Voluntary and Charitable organisations in Ireland. For more details go to

​Chronic Pain Ireland is a company limited by guarantee (Co. No. 238967), a Revenue registered charity (Charity No. 10779), a charity registered with the Charities Regulator (Charity No. 20028022), and is governed by the Companies Acts, Revenue Acts and the Charity Regulatory Authority. We are run by a governing body who are responsible for the overall governance and strategic direction of CPI, for full details please click here

​CPI’s Governing Body are made up of unpaid volunteers many of whom have chronic pain. Nominations to the Governing Body are invited each year in advance of the AGM.

CPI employs one office administrator who manages the day to day workings of the organisation.  The above grant covers the cost of our part time administrator and the cost of office rent. CPI also receives a small amount of revenue from our membership fees and members fundraising efforts. All monies raised go directly towards the provision of support services and running of our health management / self-management programmes. Please see our Donor Charter (below) for information on how we hold ourselves accountable for all donations we receive.

Code of Ethics

​In addition to statutory requirements and those of signatory organisations, Chronic Pain Ireland has identified a principles based Code of Ethics that has been endorsed by our governing body and is available here.

Please note this Code of Ethics applies in addition to, and is not limited by, adherence to any external organisation’s code of conduct or governance code.

Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising

Following a resolution by the Governing Body, Chronic Pain Ireland is fully committed to adhering to the Charities Institute Ireland Statement of Fundraising Codes of Good Practice. The Principles are voluntary code of conduct drafted by charity fundraising practitioners, donors and stakeholders with the input and support of legal, accounting and business professionals. A copy of the The Charities Institute Ireland Fundraising Codes of Good Practices may be found here and more details of the Charities Institute Ireland is available on their website. Click here

The purpose of Chronic Pain Ireland committing to the voluntary Fundraising Codes of Good Practice is to prove to our members, donors and the public at large that we are willing to go beyond the strict legal requirements concerning donations, finances, transparency, reporting standards and governance. We believe the Fundraising Codes of Good Practice reflects the high standards that we expect of ourselves.

For more information on our compliance, please read our:

Public Compliance Statement

Donor Charter

Feedback and Complaints Procedure


We are very grateful to be in receipt of SSNO funding via Pobal. Pobal is a not-for-profit company that manages programmes and works on behalf of the Irish Government and the EU. Pobal is an intermediary that works on behalf of the Irish Government to support communities and local agencies toward achieving social inclusion, reconciliation and equality by managing funding and providing resources for suitable programmes.  For more details

​Chronic Pain Ireland is in receipt of Pobal SSNO grant scheme which we ring fence for specific purposes. As such, we adhere to all Pobal and public funding requirements and are subject to Pobal oversight, regulation and auditing. For full details of all Pobal requirements, please see their website at

​For full details of accounts, including accountancy practices, please the Finance section out our website.

Data Protection & General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Chronic Pain Ireland is firmly committed to ensuring personal privacy and compliance with the Data Protection Acts and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) including the provision of best practice guidelines and procedures in relation to all aspects of Data Protection.

Note: We do not sell or share any personal data with any 3rd parties such as marketing companies, etc.

To review Chronic Pain Ireland’s Privacy Policy click here

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