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Chronic Pain Ireland launches Hidden Disability Sunflower lanyard for chronic pain as part of our 30th Anniversary and Pain Awareness Month during September 2022.

This initiative aims to raise awareness of those living with chronic pain and non-visible disabilities.

Chronic Pain Ireland have gifted all our members with a chronic pain sunflower lanyard which can be worn in public to discreetly indicate to others that the wearer has a hidden disability and may require additional support.  Anyone who becomes a member of CPI during September’s Pain Awareness Month will receive a ‘chronic pain’ hidden disabilities sunflower lanyard.

Chair of Chronic Pain Ireland, Martina Phelan, says: “Our aim for the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower initiative is to create greater awareness of chronic pain. With the sunflower lanyards, we want to make chronic pain visible and encourage conversation, empathy and understanding of the challenges faced by those living with a non-visible disability.

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Regional Director for Ireland, Tristan Casson-Rennie, said: “We are delighted that CPI has joined the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Network. Living with chronic pain is immensely difficult, and by choosing to wear the sunflower, it lets people know that the wearer has an invisible disability and may need more time, kindness and understanding. Working together with a joint aim to increase awareness of non-visible disabilities helps us reach a wider audience at the same time as supporting members.”

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Network launched the lanyard in 2016. Since then it has become the globally recognised symbol for hidden disabilities such as autism, mental health conditions and sensory impairment, and is accepted across a range of sectors, including retail, financial services, healthcare and transport including over 140 airports, travel and tourism, education as well as healthcare, emergency service and entertainment. The Sunflower is available globally and has been launched locally in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the UK and the USA. The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is part of Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme Limited, a private company based in the UK.

Anyone on becoming a member of Chronic Pain Ireland will also receive a ‘chronic pain’ sunflower lanyard via post. Details on membership and benefits can be found here

Please note:

The Hidden Disability Sunflower are strictly not for resale by individuals, businesses or organisations as they are intended to be given or donated to customers and colleagues free of charge.  Official products are only available from the Hidden Disability website as well as from registered charities who are Sunflower Members and who have been authorised to sell the product. These charities will display an official badge and will be selling only official Hidden Disability Sunflower products.

Chronic Pain Ireland is a registered charity, Sunflower Member and is in the process of applying for authorisation as outlined above.

For more information about the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower visit www.hdsunflower.com/irl where you can read articles / newsletters and updates about the Sunflower in Ireland.

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