Oct 15, 2015

Mater Hospital Pain Clinic launches Pain Management Programme (Mater ACT Pain Programme – Mapp)  The Mater Act Pain Programme (Mapp)

Participants attend the programme one day a week over two months. It is a group intervention, with a typical group comprising 10 people. We also like junior staff members to sit in on groups, as part of their training.

The main focus of the Mater Act Pain Programme (Mapp) is on improving function and quality of life. The aim of the programme is not specifically to decrease pain but to provide strategies to help manage people’s pain more effectively, so they can live more positive lives.

Psychology sessions are based on acceptance and commitment therapy (Act), which seeks to increase “psychological flexibility”. The core messages of Act involve accepting what is beyond your personal control, fostering a healthy relationship with your “self” and committing to action that improves and enriches your life. Mindfulness practices and peer-support also form part of the psychology sessions.

Physiotherapy includes hydrotherapy and gym-based activities that help to improve physical flexibility and strength, and encourage more natural movement. Participants are also given pedometers for the eight weeks to help track physical activity patterns.

Additional education sessions, delivered by different team members, cover topics such as understanding pain, activity pacing, sleep hygiene, stress control and medication management.

Details of hospitals currently running Pain Management Programmes can be found 

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