Chronic Pain Ireland awarded Triple Lock status

Feb 1, 2024

Chronic Pain Ireland awarded Triple Lock Status

We are delighted to announce that for the second consecutive year, Chronic Pain Ireland has been awarded Triple Lock status by Charities Institute Ireland (CII).  At the end of January 2024 we are one of 46 charities in Ireland to receive this standard, we’re proud to share this achievement with you, our incredible community! Your trust and support inspire us to maintain the highest standards in all we do.

What is Triple Lock and why is this important?

This status is awarded to charities that uphold the highest standards in transparent reporting, ethical fundraising and strong governance structures. This recognition is the gold standard for Irish charities to offer assurances to donors, members and the general public.

Chronic Pain Ireland’s Triple Lock status denotes the highest standards of transparency, ethical fundraising, and governance in the charity sector. It underscores our commitment to honesty in financial reporting, adherence to best fundraising practices, and robust governance structures.

For our donors, members, and the public, Chronic Pain Ireland’s Triple Lock status serves as a reassurance of our dedication to excellence and integrity. It is a testament to the trustworthiness and efficacy of our operations, ensuring that every contribution makes a meaningful impact.

To achieve the Triple Lock Status, Chronic Pain Ireland adheres to the following guidelines regarding ethical fundraising, financial reporting and governance:

• we adopt the Guidelines for Charitable Organisations for Fundraising to the Public. Our staff, volunteers and anyone else fundraising on our behalf are fully trained on the requirements and we have implemented controls to ensure that all our fundraising practices are fully in line with the Guidelines

• We prepare an annual report and financial statements in full compliance with the Charity SORP (Standard of Reporting Practice under FRS102).

• Our board has formally adopted the ‘Charities Governance Code. This means that we comply with the six principles of governance. These require that we advance charitable purpose, behave with integrity, lead people, exercise control, work effectively and are accountable.

Regulatory Compliance: Building Trust and Confidence

Compliance with the standards set forth by the Charities Regulator is paramount for us. It not only demonstrates our commitment to operational excellence but also reinforces public trust and donor confidence. Our adherence to these standards is a clear indication of our strong governance, financial transparency, and compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

For Chronic Pain Ireland, achieving the Triple Lock status underscores our dedication to honesty in financial dealings, adherence to the best fundraising practices for charities, and maintenance of strong governance, positioning us as a trustworthy charity in Ireland.

This demonstrates that Chronic Pain Ireland is a charity that you can trust.


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